We all have the idea that a medical secretary sits in an office at a hospital or doctors surgery answering phones and transcribing letters. The world is changing quickly and with technology the tasks that medical secretaries do can be done remotely anywhere!

That is the beauty of a being a Virtual Medical Secretary for private practice. I can do the work I enjoy doing but in my own time and workspace to a deadline. I’m still doing transcription, managing emails and managing phone-calls. I still work with doctors and patients it’s just a little differently from the traditional way!


The Consultants I work with know the work is high quality work and they know deadlines will be met. They know they can task me with administration tasks that cause them a headache and I deal with them quickly and efficiently. They know I am available at short notice and for urgent tasks meaning the administration processes of the medical practice run smoothly for patients.


Remote virtual working is the future. It means a high quality service for the client and a better work/life balance for the business owner. Everyone is happy! Contact Helen to find out more!